FB Voucher Policy

Villa Kresna Boutique and Suites

(1) Only valid for direct booking on our website
(2) FB Voucher are valid only per room for above mentioned services
(3) FB Voucher are not transferable and cannot be accumulated
(4) FB Voucher can only be used during the stay in the hotel and cannot be cashed
(5) Not valid for groups or more than 5 reservations together or weddings
(6) FB Voucher applied only on the full price of the menu list, not on offers or other promotions available and not valid for a special event in the hotel
(7) The voucher must be handed at the moment of asking for a service and cannot be used to pay any-incidental at the moment of check out
(8) If the guest gives more FB voucher than the bill of the service used, the difference cannot be cashed
(9) All discounts must be done in the restaurant at the moment of purchasing the service, we will not accept vouchers from guests upon check out.
(10) Service are subjected to change without further notice